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Josh Dorr

Save Your Breath

Some have their eyes dead set on pursuing music at a young age. Others, like Josh Dorr, are destined to fall into it. Born in the small coal mining town of Gillette, Wyo., the 25-year-old grew up an outdoorsman and an athlete. He pursued football through his junior year of college, but after enduring numerous on-field injuries, he found therapy in music and songwriting.

It was extremely difficult for Josh to leave his family, friends and college to chase his new dream of becoming a country music singer-songwriter in Nashville, Tenn. His goal is simple: to share his stories and words with listeners so that they can relate and connect with them. Nashville has served as Josh’s home since the summer of 2010, and Nashville is where this Wyoming native is going to stay.

Since 2010, Josh Dorr has been writing with some of Nashville’s top songwriters and has quickly grabbed the attention of many music publishers on Music Row. Dorr’s incredible work ethic and his uncanny ability to put words to hooky melodies indicate that he is going to be a success in the ever competitive music business.