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ole red dot Artist Sam Grow's Sophomore EP The Blame Celebrates Chart Success

Hot off the heels of the release of his sophomore EP The Blame in partnership with Hill Entertainment on May 19, ole red dot singer-songwriter, Sam Grow, is celebrating chart success. In its first week, the album reached the #2 position on the US Billboard Top New Artist Album Chart, #5 on the iTunes Country Chart, #8 on the Current Country Album Chart, #14 on the US Billboard Independent Record Label Current Albums Chart and #60 on the US Billboard Top Current Albums Chart (all genres).

"ole is proud to see the success that this EP is having right now. Sam has put in the hard work in the writing room, in the studio, and on the road. It's great to see hard work and persistence pay off," said John Ozier, VP Creative, ole.

"Sam Grow consistently plays over 220 shows a year and his impressive sales prove what a solid fan base he has built," added Gregg Hill, Hill Entertainment.

Music has been part of Sam Grow's life ever since he took his first breath, so it comes as no surprise that 30 years later he is burning up the charts with his latest self-released EP, The Blame. In 2013, he made Nashville his permanent home. Grow wasted no time creating contacts and building relationships with key people within the music industry, including hit producer Matt McClure (Lee Brice). That friendship opened many doors for Grow, including one with John Ozier at ole who inked the Maryland native to his first deal writing songs. Grow released his debut self-titled EP in 2014, gaining him chart success when the project landed at No. 8 on the iTunes Country Albums chart.

"I couldn't be a bigger fan of Sam on every level. Songwriter - Artist - Human being. As an often jaded radio programmer, I'm trained to be skeptical. To poke holes in things. To make things prove themselves. I've given up trying to poke holes in this. His fans are real, they're passionate and they're loyal And Sam delivers musically unlike any other un-signed artists I've ever met," said Brad Austin, WXCY.