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ole & BBDO Team with Haley Reinhart for Successful Social and Commercial Campaign

Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan

Classic tracks get covered constantly, but it takes something special to make a massive impact.

ole songwriter Haley Reinhart has done just that, successfully reinventing a beloved hit with her intimate version of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” recorded with pianist Casey Abrams. Her rendition sets the mood for a major new TV ad campaign for Extra gum, and it’s instantly struck a chord around the world. Within days of its release, the video racked up nearly 85 million Facebook views and over 11 million views on YouTube.

This uniquely engaging synch placement was secured by ole through its new artist development program red dot. It began when Randall Foster, Senior Director, Creative Licensing for ole spoke with Daniel Kuypers, the Head of Music for agency Energy/​BBDO, about his current music needs.

“He mentioned that he was looking for a strong independent singer to do a cover of a classic song for a possible Extra gum commercial,” Foster says. “We talked a bit more and it became evident that Haley would be a perfect fit for this, so I jumped on a call with Eric Spence, LA Creative for ole. About a week later, Haley and her piano player, Casey Abrams, went into the studio and cut a rough of the song.”

Foster listened to Kuyper’s feedback on the demo, then worked with Reinhart to hone a new version of the Elvis classic. “He had a lengthy list of edits and inflections he wanted,” explains Foster. “He was looking for an innocence in her voice, for her to sing is as if she was serenading her lover in bed on a rainy morning...that kind of intimacy. So I discussed this with Haley, and she and Casey went back into the studio.”

After an enthusiastic reception at Wrigley’s for the temporary full-length ad, the timeline for the social media hit which was to become “The Story of Sarah & Juan” became immediate.

“Daniel and I discussed the possibility of Haley participating in a big promotional campaign featuring a new recording session, behind-the-scenes video footage, social media, coming back to Chicago as a hometown girl to perform for Wrigley Corporate, and more,” Foster says. “With LA Creative’s help, we were able to bring in a film crew to the studio and shoot the recording process for what will be the final version of this song. Wrigley’s is building a huge campaign around this.”

To Foster, the reason is clear for all the excitement around Haley Reinhart’s timeless take on an iconic title.

“People have a visceral experience watching this video,” he states. “They often get tears in their eyes, because this is perfection in music and picture. Haley knocked it out of the park.”